it all starts with


Eileen Michalczyk

 Executive Director


 Assistant Principal, 3rd-8th Grade Teacher 


Assistant Principal, PK-2nd Grade

At Frassati Catholic Academy, we have a leadership team in place to help make sure we support all members of our community.  Our team consists of two assistant principals and an executive director.  You can read more about these positions here.  Also assisting with school leadership are the members of our two boards – Board of Directors and Board of Members.

Lisa Lupica, Assistant Principal Grades K-2, Preschool Director:  Mrs. Lupica oversees our preschool and prekindergarten programs to support everyone who is working with our youngest learners.  She also supports students, families, and teachers in grades K-2.  She works with all members of these grade levels to make sure that everyone is receiving the best support and care from school administration.

Anthony Saulino, Assistant Principal Grades 3-8:  Mr. Saulino supports students, families, and teachers in our older grades.  He works with everyone involved in the education of these learners to make sure that students are receiving the best support and education possible.

Eileen Michalczyk, Executive Director:  Mrs. Michalczyk oversees the executive operations of the school.  This includes directing the Catholic mission and vision of the school, overseeing faith formation, directing the budget and expenses, directing building maintenance, collaborating on hiring and staff professional development, and working with the Board of Directors and the Board of Members to guide the mission and vision of the school.  Her work frees up time for Mr. Saulino and Mrs. Lupica to best support students, families, and faculty.

Board of Directors – This board consists of both school community members and regional community members who act in an advisory capacity to the school leadership.  Board members are invited to the board to serve limited terms and offer advice on matters such as building maintenance, finances, marketing, and faith formation.

Board of Members – This is the oversight board for the school.  This board consists of members of the Curia and employees of the Archdiocese of Denver who have the ability to assist school leadership and oversee the school operations in their totality.  The Board meets quarterly to discuss the school and to plan for the best path for the school’s future.

The Archdiocese of Denver has over 150 years of experience running quality, faithful schools throughout northern Colorado. Frassati Academy is the latest addition to an already robust and diverse network of archdiocesan schools. The school benefits from the reliable leadership of our archbishop and his leadership team, particularly the archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools, and the collective wisdom of hundreds of experienced education professionals currently working in our school system. 


Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L.

Archbishop of Denver


Most Reverend Jorge Rodríguez, S.T.D.

Auxiliary Bishop of Denver

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